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Mechanical Engineering



Melita Power Diesel’s specialist engineers are trained in engine servicing, overhaul and repairs to engine room equipment of all types. This includes new installations, with a guarantee of full and reliable support to customers at all times. Also offered is a full package service for:

  • Overhauling and repair (in field or in workshop) of diesel engines and relevant auxiliary systems.
  • Reconditioning of engine components
  • Overhauling and repair of any type of turbochargers in field, and in workshop.
  • Reconditioning of bearings, oil pumps, blades, rotors and other various components
  • Supply of new/reconditioned parts and engines
  • In and outside Harbour repairs for all types of vessels and equipment.
  • General repairs / servicing / new installation of outboard motors.
  • Hydraulic repairs of bow thrusters, winches, gangways, cranes etc.
  • Turnkey service for the installation of marine and industrial machineries, including calculation of alignment and design of the foundation
  • Exhaust lagging
  • Overseas support