Amongst the various industries it caters for, MTU produces comprehensive, efficient, and reliable engine solutions for yachts, commercial ships, industrial vehicles, naval vessels, as well as military vehicles. Additionally, you’ll also be provided with a broad range of service products for the upkeep and performance.


MTU’s motor yachts are distinguished by their unparalleled combination of style, luxury, exclusivity, comfort, top performance, and speed. Their efficiency and reliability meet the standards required and also ensure customer satisfaction, making them the ideal drive systems for standard yachts, performance yachts, displacement yachts and superyachts.


  • Cutting-edge technology and best power-to-weight ratio for maximum performance and speed
  • Diesel-mechanic, diesel-electric or combined drive systems
  • Low vibrations and low levels of noise emissions
  • Drive system, onboard power and ship automation from one source
  • ValueCare products and services
  • Global Service and Support

Commercial Vessels

Marine engines of MTU for commercial vessels – We ensure consistent professional support – from conception through to construction and entry into service, including regular maintenance. We provide local support through MTU ValueCare, whenever and wherever you may need us.
MTU’s marine engines perform a reliable and efficient as main or ancillary drive systems and providing energy as on-board power supply systems. Their performance, power, and reliability have been proven time and time again. Naturally, all MTU engines comply with the requirements of all relevant classification societies.


  • Reliability, availability and a maintenance-friendly design for minimal downtime
  • Low life cycle costs: effective operation, low fuel consumption, long service intervals
  • Full portfolio of MTU ValueCare products and services to maximize performance, uptime, and longevity
  • Worldwide network of more than 1,200 service centers providing local and global support, worldwide – anywhere, anytime
  • Long-term product and customer support from one source
  • Environmental friendliness

Marine Defence

Over the years, MTU has gained a good reputation for the development, production and support of complete propulsion and on-board power systems for navies, coast guards, law enforcement and government agencies across the globe. All engines come with high power density and power-to-weight ratio and a compact design, making them mechanically and thermally stable even in severe situations. MTU provides you with the best options available for your vessel, according to your requirements.


  • System responsibility including project planning, project management and commissioning
  • A vast selection of efficient propulsion systems for vessels ranging between 300 and 10,00 kW
  • Complete system solutions from one source
  • Advanced technology in sound and vibration, ABC protection, electromagnetic signatures and shock proofing
  • Global Service and Support

Land Defence

For over 60 years, MTU has been the leading provider for drive systems for light, medium and heavy military vehicles. We have managed to set the bar high for our diesel engines, MTU PowerPacks® and MTU EuroPowerPacks, that have been used for main battle tanks, howitzer and personnel carriers.

Features include a high power density, high torque, fuel efficiency and the fulfilment of special military requirements. Their innovative abilities have proven to be unbeatable in operational situations and thus, armed forces from around the globe put their trust in us.


  • System responsibility for the completed drive system as well as professional support in all the stages involved
  • Development partnership with clients and vehicle manufacture for specific engine solutions
  • Logistical benefits, MTU know-how and experience
  • Customer Support with LCC and RAM-D analyses, FMECA, LORA, documentation and training, workshop and testing-bed planning
  • Global service and replacement parts for the entire lifespan of the vehicle


Through there 100 years of experience, MTU offer efficient and reliable gendrive engines that are complete with compact dimensions that can easily be installed in power generations. Gendrive engines cover between 249 and 3,490 kW and are ideal for emergencies, base loads and peak load gensets. These diesel engines also operate with low costs from long maintenance intervals and fuel-optimised operations while maintaining emission regulations.


  • Robust mode of construction for extreme circumstances
  • Low life cycle costs (LCC)
  • Innovative technology
  • Complete system solutions from one source
  • Emissions-optimised engines
  • Quite and low in vibrations
  • Optimal fuel consumption
  • Over average load factor for over 24 hours
  • Maximum availability of engine power through power regulation of altitude and temperature
  • Global Service and Support

Commercial Vehicles

MTU’s diesel engines that are manufactured specifically for commercial vehicles, are equipped with the same reliable components that are used for main or ancillary drive systems. Their performance, power, longevity and reliability are second to none.


  • Reliability, availability and maintenance-friendly design for minimal downtime
  • Low lifecycle costs: effective operation, low fuel consumption, long service intervals
  • ValueCare Products and Services
  • Long-term product and customer support from one source.
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Global Service and Support


MTU provides a selection of compact, robust and high-performance, economical diesel engines for various construction equipment, deployment in ports, and for airport vehicles and ground equipment. These particular engines are also ideal for stationary applications and machines such as pumps and compressors. MTU ensure that these engines are tested and approved, even under severe conditions to meet the required standards.


  • Drive plus developmental support from MTU from a single source
  • Low lifecycle costs: effective operation, low fuel consumption, long maintenance intervals
  • Highest standards for maximum availability and minimal downtime
  • Top performance, even with full loads and frequent load changes
  • Global Service and Support

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