Throughout the years, MTU has grown into a reputable company that is renowned worldwide for its reliability, avant-garde technology, comprehensive service and an extensive product range that covers diesel engines up to 10,000 kW.

MTU also offers cutting-edge electronic motoring and control systems. The company is consistent in continually manufacturing and working on new technologies such as fuel and water injection technology.


Innovative, Reliable and Competent

MTU – one of the most reputable companies in the world that distributes high and medium speed diesel and gas engines, along with drive systems, distributed energy systems, and fuel injection systems.

When manufacturing engines, MTU successfully integrate a unique drive system know-how with a wide selection of quality components. This is based on three important factors – innovative capabilities, reliability and system competence.

The full list of MTU engines is as follows:

Diesel Engines for Construction and Industrial

  • Heavy Duty Operation
  • Medium Duty Operation
  • Short time Duty Operation

Diesel Engines for Mining

  • Heavy Duty Operation
  • Medium Duty Operation
  • Short time Duty Operation
  • Underground Mining

Gas and Diesel Engines for Commercial Marine

  • Work Boats
  • Passenger Boats and Ferries
  • Supply and Auxiliary Vessels
  • On-board Power Generation and Diesel-Electric Propulsion

Diesel Engines for Oil and Gas Industry

  • Generator Drives
  • Mechanical Drives
  • Vehicle Main Drives

Diesel Engines for Rail Traction

  • Power-Pack for Railcars
  • Push-pull Trains and Locomotives

Gas and Diesel Engines for Yachts

  • Mechanic Propulsion
  • On-board Power Generation and Diesel-Electric Propulsion

Diesel Engines for Agricultural and Forestry

  • Heavy Duty Operation
  • Medium Duty Operation

Diesel Engines for Generator Drives

  • Standby Applications
  • Continuous/Prime/Peak Applications

Diesel Engines for Marine Defence

  • Patrol Craft and FPBs
  • Corvettes and Frigates
  • Authority Vessels
  • Onboard Power Generation and Diesel-Electric Propulsion

Diesel Engines for Land Defence

  • Lightweight Vehicles
  • Medium Weight Vehicles
  • Heavy Vehicles

Automation Systems

Power and Precision with Intelligent Electronics

While MTU’s engines are equipped with the most cutting-edge technology, we also ensure that they are built with intelligent electronic management to safeguard the environment and to provide the best efficiency, reliability, and safety.

By combing power and precision, modern engine management systems successfully control and monitor the hardware, as well as enable a seamless performance.

We provide automation systems for various industries including: Mining Vehicles, Rail Vehicles, Integrated Ships and Standard Vessels.

Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle Engines

A Long Heritage of Excellence

Along with the the two ancestral companies – MTU Friedrichshafen in Germany and Detroit Diesel Corporation in the United States, MTU is a leading company that ensures quality, performance and service life in the diesel innovation and manufacturing industry.

In this regard, we have the Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines that are part of MTU’s heritage in this sector. Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines are made up of:

  • Series 53
  • Series 71
  • Series 92
  • Series 149

The Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines date back to the late 1930s, when Detroit Diesel Corporation was initially established by General Motors as GM Diesel. Eventually the company expanded and has since powered industries such as construction, agricultural, marine, oil and gas, mining, rail, power generation and land defence.

Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines are covered with a worldwide 12-month, unlimited miles/hours guarantee. Additionally, both new and remanufactured parts also have a 12-month, unlimited miles/hours guarantee at any authorised MTU service location in the world.