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Electrical Services

Design and Construction of Electrical Switchboards

Our assembly line both in Malta and Turkey can support inquiries for both custom design and standard applications. We are able to deliver projects in time and at a high quality standard. Our team of engineers closely monitors the process and make sure to meet the industry standards during manufacturing stages of switchboards.

Design and Production of Wiring Harnesses

Messy and confusing wires can lead to many problems, specially when you face a problem in the middle of the sea. A short could cause fire or electrical failure.

With that in mind, Automation Technologies offers wiring services, from the design and assembly of wiring harnesses including connectors, to the installation and labeling of cables (corresponding to the electrical schematics), all this to facilitate maintenance or fault-finding whenever needed.

Electrical and Electronic Preventive Maintenance

Our well-structured and equipped facility in Malta can deliver a fast professional service using the latest techniques and testing equipment. We are able to provide AIR Circuit Breaker overhauling and certificate for current injection testing that meets any classification society requirements. Furthermore we also calibrate and certify monitoring instruments upon request.

Electrical Consultancy and Surveying

Whether it’s a specification for a new build or a Refit project, and or a report for insurance purposes or to diagnose a generic problem such as harmonics disturbances or corrosion problems, our team of  experts are ready to support our customers globally.

Electrical Engineering and Design

In our company we design and build any custom marine electrical / electronic solutions. From the smallest application to the most complex requirements we deliver state of the art finished products that can meet maritime class such as LLOYDS, BV, DNV , RINA and more.

Our design office is well organized and structured in order to develop any customer’s request and our project engineers working on site and at the office will make sure to have the installation of the system fully functional once it’s commissioned. This in mind, to ensure quality and efficiency during projects one of our engineers is assigned on each project undertaken. In this way installations are carried out in line with the required standards and all projects are documented accordingly.

Electrical and Electronics Installations

Thanks to our motivated and experienced team of engineers, technicians and installers, we are able to collaborate with ship yards, owners, crew and management companies to bring back to ship shape the vessel within the shortest time.

No matter what scale of project is or where, we can deliver professional competitive electrical and electronic installation for marine industry.

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