ValueCare Agreements

MTU’s power systems come with ValueCare Agreements that will help you dedicate more time to your business and invest in more resources to grow. You will also be provided with tailored solutions and complete peace of mind. These ValueCare Agreements will:

  • Prolong Operational Uptime
  • Guarantee Parts Availability and Service Quality
  • Avoid Equipment Costs
  • Optimise Maintenance Planning

Extended Coverage

MTU engines are backed by Extended Coverage beyond the standard warranty. The costs of unplanned repairs are covered and you will also be provided with quality service by MTU-certified technicians. Resale value is upheld, thus ensuring long-term confidence in your MTU investment.

You can also extend your packages for up to five years. These are also fully transferable to further uphold the resale value. Materials and labor for troubleshooting, fault clearance and corrective services to engines and on-engine electronics (excluding gearbox, alternators or other components) are all included in the Extended Coverage plan. Only genuine MTU parts are used for repairs, to ensure the highest quality.

Reman & Rebuild Solutions

MTU’s standards and commitment to service and support make your equipment last. Even if you have had your products for a very long time, you are provided with further options to continually keep using your MTU equipment.

Factory Rebuilds

Thanks to MTU’s factory rebuilds, your original equipment will continue to perform in a like-new condition, ensuring the same high performance, service life, and quality of the original new products. The same experts who built the original product will provide you with factory rebuilds by following the same process and high standards. In the end, your complete system, along with the gearboxes, ancillary parts and automation and electronics is fully rebuilt. Factory Rebuilds are valid for Series 183, 396, 493, 538, 595, 652, 956, 1163 and other defence engines.

Factory Re-manufactured Products

Take advantage of fixed prices and lead times to decrease downtime thanks to our factory re-manufactured products. You will find that these re-manufactured products while cheaper than new equipment, will still deliver the same quality standards of performance, service life and quality as new MTU products. You will also be fully covered with the same warranty coverage. Re-manufactured products also come with similar technological advancements.

MTU-Certified Technicians

MTU are the partners you can trust when it comes to making your equipment last. MTU-certified technicians are there to help you with their proven service methods, MTU-specified maintenance schedules and genuine OEM parts. With the On-Demand Support and ValueCare Agreements, we can provide you with the help you need wherever you are in the world. Our professionals have been trained to provide you with a service that meets our standards with a tailored plan to help you increase performance and decrease lifecycle costs.

Never settle for anything less than what you deserve. Only MTU-certified service professionals and OEM parts and consumables will make your MTU engines and systems last. To learn more, please get in touch with your local MTU distributor or dealer.

Preventive Maintenance

Sometimes, lifecycle costs are inevitable due to unforeseen factors such as excessive fuel consumption, unplanned downtime, and repairs. With an MTU power system, you are equipped with everything you need to plan ahead with preventive maintenance. You will be able to optimise fuel economy, maximise uptime and avoid unplanned maintenance.

Choosing MTU ensures peace of mind. Simple, safe, and efficient maintenance is offered, thanks to our professional MTU-certified technicians and their expert methods.

Filters, Engine Oils and Coolants

Only MTU genuine filters, oils, and coolants can protect your engines and systems. They have been tested and approved to ensure that they also increase performance and prolong its life. Other products that have not been assessed by MTU can seriously damage your equipment.

Filters – protect areas that are more prone to harmful particles and contaminants that can reduce component life. All filters are designed in a way that resist premature plugging and resist collapse in severe situations.

Engine Oils – provide piston cleanliness in any situation, even under high thermal loads. They also offer exceptional consumption control and thermal stability and maintain their viscosity under severe loading conditions thus and reducing the possibility of shear.

Coolants – maintain optimal engine temperature under all operating conditions. Their low freezing point properties stop any damage from occurring in cold climates, while their elevated boiling point properties protects your engine in hot conditions and severe conditions thus preventing overheating. Additionally, coolants come with a durable protective layer that acts against all types of corrosion, to prevent any leaks and other damages.

Genuine OEM Parts

Don’t settle for anything less that genuine OEM parts. You’re only guaranteed genuine replacement parts that have been designed, tested and approved for your MTU engines and systems, from MTU.

Besides enhancing the performance, our components also increase the engine life. Our professionals have spent years researching and developing them and carried out quality audits and progressive modifications to meet the highest standards and match your engine in the best way possible.

Support Services

Through years of experience, MTU are equipped with the necessary skills that allow us to help you operate your MTU equipment and develop your own on-site maintenance capabilities more effectively. We offer:

  • Technical Documentation – helps you increase the performance and longevity of your MTU engines and systems.
  • Training – allows you to understand your MTU engines and systems better, to get maximum efficiency
  • Workshop and Test Bench Solutions – will optimise your workshop and assess bench projects with our range of tools and expertise.
  • Service Units – lessen on-site service and support in remote locations by merging the workshop, storage and office facilities in a portable turnkey solution.

Digital Solutions

Over the years, technological innovations and leadership have allowed MTU to reach unprecedented heights. When it comes to the digital aspect, we are now focusing on providing you with the best digital solutions that will maximise the power of your MTU equipment.

Whether you require proactive failure prevention and intelligent troubleshooting or instant failure support and smart maintenance planning, we are here to give you the best possible solutions with Go! Act and Go! Manage.

Go! Act, will provide you with everything you need, right in your pocket. The app is designed to:

  • Receive push notifications of failure codes from connected assets
  • Provide crew members with information about failure codes
  • Support event reporting with efficient photo capture functionalities
  • Enable direct communication with fleet managers or the MTU Customer Assistance Centre.

Go! Manage, is designed for fleet managers to monitor their fleet. It will:

  • Provide a real-time overview of fleet, asset and engine conditions
  • Display active and closed alarms
  • Enable communication with on-site staff, through to Go! Act
  • Shows scheduled maintenance and completed tasks
  • Supports remote troubleshooting via multigraph

Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle Engines

Knowing that Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines have an impressive history, MTU strive to provide a full range of support including: Maintenance Products, Genuine Parts, Long Block Assemblies, Long Block Engine Kits and a Service Network.

  • Maintenance Products – increase performance and extend engine life.
  • Genuine parts — sustain engine quality with components that are engineered to original equipment specifications.
  • Long Block Assemblies – reconstruct a solid foundation from scratch, that is designed, tested, and approved by OEM engineers.
  • Long Block Engine Kits – one powerful package will provide you with everything you need.
  • Service Network – rely reliable network system that is provided in over 1,200 certified service locations around the world.

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