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Industrial Business Solutions

Access Control

We meet all your access control systems needs, from a one-door standalone to a fully expanded, networked system featuring hundreds of doors. We provide a vast range of access control identification systems from simple digital keypads that require a four- or six-digit PIN to grant access, to professional identification systems such as swipe or proximity card readers, biometric fingerprint recognition readers, facial and iris readers.
Our systems employ sophisticated techniques to secure and control the accessibility and free movement of authorised people to all locations of large buildings by simple card and door management plus a vast range of reporting options.

PTL has implemented several access control systems all over Malta. With PTL the complete system will be under the support of a single company.

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV systems are now being installed as part of the most serious security strategies. Their effectiveness is realized in conjunction with other suitable measures.

Intelligent CCTV systems monitor IT staff and other authorized personnel managing large IT facilities and data centers so that data, storage devices and other digital assets are protected. Stationed security personnel manning CCTV systems can facilitate better access control for employees and visitors, and promote a safe working environment.

We provide expertise in surveying, recommending, installing and maintaining a system unique to your situation using static, pan zoom and tilt or LED cameras which provide good images in total darkness. We can also install all recording and monitoring equipment and can provide you with a complete and affordable system that is scalable to cover any future requirements.

Fire Detection

Our comprehensive range of fire detection systems are professionally installed to the latest British and European standards. The collection includes control panels with a small number of zones ideal for small retail outlets and office buildings and even for complex addressable systems that support multiple loops to address hundreds of unique zones.

These systems offer early fire detection such as smoke or heat, and send out audible alarms plus voice messages directly to the fire brigade by means of a telephone dialer.

Such a project is vital for any organization and requires complete trust from both the security system manufacturer and supplier. Our experience in this field will guarantee a successful project, implemented on time.

Intruder Alarms

At Automation Technologies, we offer a vast range of alarm systems to cater for your security needs. Whether you are looking at protecting your home or business, we are able to provide a complete service from free survey, supply, and installation to monitoring and maintenance of hard-wired or wireless alarm systems tailored to suit your property and lifestyle.

We provide a vast range of alarm detection equipment such as PIR movement detectors, dual-technology movement detectors to reduce the risk of false alarms, perimeter detection systems, various types of magnetic door contacts, glass-break detectors, vibration detectors, panic alarm buttons and more.

Automation Technologies brings a wide range of signalling equipment like digital communicators that send out alarms to a central station and automatic telephone diallers. A pre-programmed voice message is sent to a number of pre-determined phone numbers that may include police stations and mobile lines. GSM diallers use the mobile telephone network to dial out in case of a telephone landline fault.

Network Infrastructure

The right network can be a powerful engine for growth and competitive differentiation – if you can manage the underlying complexity. In today’s business environment, that challenge is multidimensional – it spans users, devices, applications, and locations far beyond the corporate walls. New applications and usage models threaten to overwhelm IT.

Today, the network must evolve to intelligently support a new wave of business objectives and user demands. It is hard for IT to say “yes” without sacrificing security or ease of operations.

A next-generation network architecture gives IT the flexibility to securely adapt to shifting technology trends and drive operational efficiency – PTL is here to help you achieve these goals.

UPS Solutions

The number of critical applications that simply cannot be allowed to go offline grows daily. These applications must be guaranteed a constant supply of good-quality power. For customers who need full availability and a fuss-free operation, MPD Automation offers a comprehensive portfolio of power protection solutions from traditional design to our leading range of modular products.

The portfolio consists of single-phase and three-phase UPS systems, Industrial UPS as well as Medium voltage UPS.

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