MTU Engines in Malta, Greece & Cyprus

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Melita Power Diesel, a part of Melita Marine Group are the official distributor for MTU engines in Greece, Malta and Cyprus.

MTU, an acronym for Motoren – und Turbinen – Union which translates as Motor (Engine) & Turbine Union is a renowned engineering and manufacturing company. They specialize in providing Diesel engines to a multitude of industries such as the railways, commercial shipping, military transportation, mining and construction, agriculture and oil and gas installations.

Rolls-Royce Power Systems lends its unparalleled technical expertise and legendary credibility to all the products and technical solutions offered by its brand MTU and this powerful collaboration is the foundation of MTU as we know it today.

Melita Marine is committed to providing the best in class to their discerning clients and MTU solutions fulfill that promise efficiently.

Yachting and its ancillaries are fast developing into a global industry. It is no longer limited to the personal needs of the owner alone. The yacht charter game is growing exponentially too. Modern yachts today can be customized to suit various ends and their configuration must incorporate fuel efficiency, low carbon footprints, technical advances, speed and safety.
MTU is an obvious choice to provide power and energy solutions that surpass the competition.

MTU supplies high and medium-speed diesel and gas engines, accompanying drive systems, distributed energy systems, and fuel injection systems. They focus on quality control, safety and stability, innovative technologies and longevity. Their technical teams conduct thorough surveys and assess the specific requirements of their clients and offer state of the art solutions. They are actively accessible through the project and have a reliable after-sales network.

Yachts that are custom-built for sport fishing tend to select MTU engines as their preferred choice. These vessels are meant to optimize acceleration, quick response times and stability at high speeds. MTU product series 2000 M96L has sustained this space for over two decades. These engines feature a practical, effective design that supports unparalleled power to weight ratio and provides a highly efficient output.

MTU propulsion systems are a recommended solution for series and performance yachts. The engines are notable for their power to weight ratio, instantaneous accelerator response, and vibration-free running in demanding tropical cruising grounds. Notwithstanding their moderately lightweight and condensed purpose, their energy production classifies from 400 kW (536hp) to 1,939 kW (2637hp), besides extensive engine mapping securing performance at all rpm reaches.

Megayachts fall into a particularly demanding class of engineering solutions. They must feel and appear luxurious, be fuel-efficient, support low emissions, cater to individual requirements of Owners use and be uncompromising on safety and stability standards for their guests. MTU offers a mega-yacht propulsion system that incorporates the latest advancements from other marine applications, to successfully deliver high quality and optimal performance option.

In summary, MTU is a one-stop solution provider for a varied and ever-evolving yachting industry.
The legacy of a century plus in engineering and power solutions that Rolls – Royce MTU embodies partnered with the leading prominence of Melita Marine in Malta as a yachting stalwart is the way forward!

We at Melita Marine are always motivated by our customer satisfaction index and endeavour to provide the best products, services and solutions. Our honoured collaboration with MTU is a proud milestone on this path.

To answer any query’s related to MTU engineering on yachts and in particular service & maintenance options in Greece, Malta and Cyprus, please contact us on

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